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13 Aug 2008

PostHeaderIcon Virus Lam Loi Mi

Ngai Hti Ga,Mu Ga,Na Ga....Chye ai Ram Virus ah lam hpe Nbwisam Wa comment hte hpawng Answer Jaw Dat ai hku re...hpang saga i? ahhumm ...ahhumm..mayu.loi sharai la ai hku re..virus loi shang taw na..:)... Dai kaw na hpang ai ngu ga le i ? virus ngu ai gaw...:)
mani hpa mung rai na re moi ngai computer ngu n mu ga shi yang,masha ni virus kap na yaw nga tsung na lang jang mung  / ah naa./ virus ngu chye kap ah hka i ngu na..hkrit lai wa ai ten mung nga ga sai hku re..Mani mayu jang mung mani kau mu...n chye nga ai gaw..:)..

Virus ngu gaw Masha kaw nga jang gaw ahnaa...ahhkya...ngu na i? kap hkat wa ai baw zawng re ni le...madu hkum kaw shara mi kaw na shara mi de kap na loi ai zawng, Masha langai ngai kaw kap ai mung loi ai baw hpe tsung ai ngu ga le i? ahnaa..kap sai nga sai kaw na gaw machyi sai gaw i? hkau n bwisam wa zawng le..:0:) Maran Madit kau na...machyi na tsang ai nga majaw goi....:)  N bung hku na wa rai rai..Masha shada hku na wa rai rai.. Sai(blood) hku wa rai rai..kap jang gaw machyi ai hkrai goi..hhumm.. Grai nga ka si wa jang Doctor..zawng bai nawng wa na ma ai..:)..Dai ram nga jang ntsa lam yawng chye na na hku rai sai ngu kam ai.....Dai hpe copy la let ngu na kung....Computer kaw mung...programmer ni...ka ai Virus ngu ai..Computer Program...Ngu ai bying pru wa ai da shawng de..n re sha...Moi de ..n nga shi ai baw le i?....:) Dai hpe she internet hkang shabra..Computer hkang shabra rai..hpang ai kaw na she Computer Virus...ngu ai..Computer hpe Machyi shangung  (the computer sense, "sick" can mean poor performance, crashes, lost files and data, or more)Paracitamor hte tsi mai ai virus nga ai zawng,,,Decogin.hte tsi la n-lu  ai virus ni mung lani hte lani bying pru wa ai gaw ya ten du hkra ngu saga.(infects other computers - exactly how depends on the virus, of course, but another key defining point for a computer virus is that it can spread on its own)....ya mung pru nga din yang rai nga ai...Grai chye sam ai ngu hkum zawng nawng yaw:)...Virus Protection ni grai law pru taw na Virus ni grai pru taw ai hpe Maram lu na Hkrai re ngu kam ai..:)..

Worm: technically, a worm is a virus that does no direct damage to the computer it's infected. In reality, worms can cause a great deal of trouble merely by getting passed from one computer to many others, and they can clog up a network    very quickly.

Trojan Horse: a program that claims to be one thing but is, in fact, another. A trojan horse is not a virus per se but it may carry them. For example many people consider Kazaa, the music sharing software: a trojan horse because it carries with it a bunch of spyware. There are trojans that claim to be patches for a problem, often arriving in email, that are in fact spyware and virus installers.

Phishing:  phishing as a kind of email trojan horse. It's email that looks like it comes from some official site such as your bank, Paypal, or eBay, but in fact it comes from someone pretending to be them. They'll ask you to go visit a site, or provide some information, looking very official and proper, except that the site is not what you think and the information you give them allows them to steal your credit card or identity.

Malware :is a general name for all programs that are harmful; viruses, trojan, worms and all other similar programs

Macro viruses :spread from applications which use macros. The macro viruses which are receiving attention currently are specific to Word 6, WordBasic and Excel. However, many applications, not all of them Windows applications, have potentially damaging and infective macro capabilities too.
 Virus lam nau law na Dai ram hte sha n tsa lam madun ai hku re..Yawng ka na nga jang ngai n lu yup wa na tai na..:)...Naw Ram sai...virus kaw na yawng lawt lu mu ga..:)

Hey. N chye Masu Hkum su Taw yaw..:).. Hti Ngut jang Comment Ka Da Na Ma Tu Le..:)



NBWI SAM said...

Virus mung hkum hkum ai wa i? Dai virus ni hpe mung anti-virus shapraw ai company ni kaw na she bai shale taw ai kun?

Jahkring hkring nnan pru wa ai i?

Mana law... dai virus ni tsai mat hkra computer hpe Jinghpaw tsa hte tsing da ra sam ai.

Rsj said...

Dai shaloi she jinghpaw tsa bai jawm mari lu jawng na mung kan tin tsa ya hkrai bai rai taw jang gaw taw? :) chye ai hte maren le jinhpaw tsa gaw n chye lu ai ni lu jang bri wa ai gaw :) dai majaw hkau na computer hkum tsing kau yaw...:0:)

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