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2 Sep 2008

PostHeaderIcon Google Bai Galaw Shapraw Dat Sai

Google Shapraw Dat ai...Beta version..Google Chrome..Hpe loi lang chyam dat yu ai wa shadu da ai hta grau lawan ai le....special gaw n rai shi tim blog ka ai ni matu loi manu na masa nga ai ngai mung ya sha naw lang taw na yawng n chye shi ai hku re..Ram daw gaw shapyen ai laoi...Firefox sha shapyen ai kung ngu yang..Fire fox hpe loi bai hkring da shangung na sai hku re...Loi li lang chyam taw ai..Myit lawm ai ni mung..n daikaw ...

Ram Daw Maik ai luw....
Google just recently released a beta version of its new browser Google Chrome. Google Chrome is an open source browser meaning that web developers can change the code and further develop the browser.
I just read a (38 page long) comic on the new features of google chrome. Some of the new features are:
- Start page with the 9 most visited web sites.
- Plug-Ins like Java Script will run only in the tabs they’re open in. If the tab is closed, java script is closed which is supposed to lead to a drastic increase of speed.
- Better malware and phishing protection in that the user has more power to determine which processes are allowed to run and which aren’t.
- The address bar becomes a powerful search bar. Google Chrome remembers previously visited websites and well known websites like wikipedia or amazon and automatically suggests to search these pages for the entered text.


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