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14 Oct 2008

PostHeaderIcon Blender Ah Lam

3D Blender ngau ai freeware hpe Mu hkrup na kajam chyai mayu ai ni matu bai share dat sai hku re, annimation myit lawm ai ni hte 3d ahlam loi sharin mayu ai ni matu ahkyu rawng na re hpe kam ai,$ n mai ai hku re, Dai sha ahhkyak nga ai gaw i? :) :)
by the way: Ngai chyawm n lu chyam shi ai n sai software hpe yup ten rai mat na :) :)

N Dai Kaw Link

Blender is the open-source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback.It can be used to produce computer-generated images and movies. It is open source freeware, so it costs nothing to use.
Version 2.46 includes cloth and fur simulation, physics caching and baking, shading, glossy reflection and refraction, raytraced soft shadows, improved rendering features, and more.
 grau na chye mayu hti mayu jang n dai kaw sa hti la ga 


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