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17 Oct 2008

PostHeaderIcon Greeting Card Builder Ah Lam

PearMountain   Ngu ai  madu kaw nga ai idea ni, laika si ni hte manang ni hpe greeting care ni hpe ra ai hkrang hku galaw shapraw la mai ai software langai re ahyen na n lang ra tim lang ra wa ai shaloi greeting card hpe hpe n ta la na matu gaw ahkyu mai jashawng ai hpe mu ai, creation idea nga ai ni matu gaw good na re, chyam yu ga i :)

Shi Hkrang gaw n dai hku rai sai :)
earlMountain Soft Greeting Card Builder v2.0.1.2105 Full Rapidshare 
Greeting Card Builder is a useful program which was specifically designed to create stunning photo greeting card for Thanksgiving,christmas Easter, New Year, Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion.It helps you easily create cool greeting cards with your own photos, clip art, frames, masks, and backgrounds, and email or print them right away on your printer. Greeting Card Builder is absolute ease of use.Unlike a standard graphics editor which can have a steep learning curve, Greeting Card Builder gives you the ability to build greeting cards quickly and effortlessly.Only choose a card template, drop in photos, add clipart, decorate with frames and mask, add your greeting text and click. Beautifully printed greeting cards will be delivered to you in minutes and shared anywhere exclusive on egypt fans. 
Some features:
  • Create Greeting Cards

  • Real-Time Editing

  • Default Templates

  • Frames and Borders

  • Backgrounds

  • Layers

  • Move, Rotate, Resize, Flip Images

  • Filters and Photo Effects

  • Or


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