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23 Oct 2008

PostHeaderIcon Kachin Event

E-mail hku na jinghpaw mungkan yawng hpe sa ya na kam ai rai tim,n lu na wa rai rai email hpaw lagawn na wa rai rai, majaw ah majaw law :)  Yawng Shanghtin Zawng rai n lu du lawm na tai tim , Ya Na Zawng Myu sha lam hpe ahja , ahwa shakut din yan rai nga ai KNO hte myu sha ni yawng hpe Ngai shanghtin wa hku na Hkun Ga La Ra Ai Lam...........
MYu hte mung dan ah matu shakut shaja nga ai ni yawng hpe Karai Bau Sin u ga..........

Crisis Behind The Veil: Forgotten Suffering In Kachin Land , Burma  

Dear all,  
      We would like to invite you to the unique event about the humanitarian crisis and human rights abuses in Kachin land.  
      For many decades the Kachin people have been suffering from many forms of oppression by the brutal military dictator. In 1994, the Kachin made cease-fire agreement with the Burmese military regime with the hope of finding better solutions to solve conflicts in the region. However, there is no improvement in political progress, rather the rise of poverty and human rights violation continue.   
      Due to the existence of cease-fire agreement, the perception of International community upon current circumstances in Kachin state has been very different from the reality. Today, in Kachin State , because of the lack of media attention, problems listed below are untold to the rest of the world:   
    ·    Forced labour
    ·    Rape
    ·    Religious persecution
    ·    Land confiscation
    ·    Exploitation of natural resources
    ·    Increasing number of HIV/AIDs infection and narcotic drugs distribution
    ·    Trafficking of Kachin women and girls to China  
      Therefore, Kachin National Organization (UK) will be hosting the event to raise the awareness of the humanitarian and human rights crisis in Kachin land. We hope to find solutions and get support from international community to help protect the lives of Kachin people and help safe our homeland that used to be preserved in most of the region before cease-fire.  
      Photo exhibition will be displayed which projects the evidence of the regime’s cruelty such as forced labour, environmental deterioration, HIV/AIDs and Drugs related problems, sexual abuses and other human rights violations.   
      After the event, you will have a chance to experience the taste of Kachin traditional food with a small donation to support HIV/AIDs infected people including orphanage children. Complimentary tea, coffee and snacks will be provided before the event. 

Speakers: Benedict Rogers (Christian Solidarity Worldwide)                 
Kai Htang (Kachin National Organization – UK )  
Place   :   Lecture Theatre, New Hunts House               
Guy’s campus,                
King’s College, London               
SE1  1UL                          
Date     : 13th November, 2008
Time    : 07:00pm – 09:00pm
Nearest Tube Station : London Bridge


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