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25 Nov 2008

PostHeaderIcon Clean Up ! What Up :)

Dai Na kalang bai madun mayu ai gaw, Cleanup ngu ai Dun ye jak langai mi bai re, Computer n chye lang tim mouse chye click jang bungli byin ai baw re majaw gaw hta mara dat ya sai hku re, Ccleaner,Kurdishcleaner ni hta lawan ai hpe mu ai :)Rau shagu click dat dat di na madu computer hpe ahsan ahseng rai lu lang mu ga yaw :)
Note that if you are going to run CleanUp! 4.5.2 without first making a backup of your system, then it is strongly recommended that you first run it in the new demo mode and verify the files that would be deleted before you first run it for real.
File size: 339,257 bytes (332K).
Available from:
Enjoy Yaw  :)


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