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16 Nov 2008

PostHeaderIcon Format Factory Ah Lam loi Mi

Audion,video ,Sumla hte seng ai software langai mi bai re, ahloi ahli rai lang mayu ai ni matu rai na re, tsung ga nga jang madu kaw mahkawng hte video clip , sumla format zawng re law law save da na ni nga na re, dan re hta kalang lang format n bung na madu lu ai player hte n mai hpaw yu kung, shing n rai madu lang ai mobile phone, mp3,4 zawng re hkang bang madat mayu kung, website hkang sumla mara mayu tim JPEG n rai taw na yak taw  re shaloi lang ra dik ai software converter langai mi rai nga ai,  shi bungli galaw ai hkrang hpe yu yang gaw, function nau n chye ra ai hpe mu lu ai hku re :)

E hku gaw n dai hku nga ka da nga ai
This full featured format converter enables you to convert all sorts of multimedia files (audio, video and images) between the most popular formats, including WMV, AVI, MPG, MP3, WMA, AAC, JPG, PNG, GIF and more. What's more, FormatFactory supports all the media formats used by portable devices like the PSP or the iPhone.
The program is really easy to use – that is, once you get used to its somewhat weirdly designed- interface. Don't look for any File button or menu, because there isn't any. The option to add files to the program's interface doesn't appear until you select the target format. You can select individual files or complete folders, and also tweak some basic conversion settings if you want

Format Factory supports the following formats:

Audio: MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A and WAV.
Image: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF and ICO
Video: MP4, AVI, 3GP, MPG and FLV

OS requirements for Format Factory:

  • OS: WinNT/XP/2003/Vista
  • File Size gaw loi heavy ai yaw :)


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