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29 Nov 2008

PostHeaderIcon My Only Love !!!

No matter what happens I will love you forever
Once i love you i just simply think God has sent to me
I love the whole world because you are in it
Long were we parted but I can bear it because
I knew you would surely return to me one day
Long have I waited for you as I said i would.
Can't you love me as well as you do a passing stranger in your way?
You loved me then and why do you not love me now?
You are the only one I have been waiting for so long.
Is the money that you has changed your heart and made you so cold ?
You can not deny you did love me then.
It was my first time as well as yours pure as gold
I believed and know that God sent you to me and me to you
Nothing can be sure than that you knew it too
Does it not mean anything to you now?

I only wish I had learned this lesson sooner
I cannot bear it because the world is empty without you.
Perhaps I should pray that i will remember our love so little
Because I will never know joy again I forget our love

Forward  From BlessingMai
Note: Don't know who write this poem just got from mail forwarding so just enjoy it :)


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