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17 Dec 2008

PostHeaderIcon Bamar Talk Ah Lam

 Dai na loi dam hkawm na bai wa na email hpaw dat yang mu hkrup ai myit lawm na zawng re site langai hpe manang ni yawng hpe bai share dat sai hku re :) share galaw ai shara zauli(uk) hpe thz QQQQ  :) :)

Bamar Talk nga rai malu ai myenlaika hte re majaw laksan gaw n san lang dan ra na sai hpe kam ai shi website kaw sai mai hka ja hti ai lam :)

I found this new Myanmar Website called BAMAR TALK where we can make FREE calls to Myanmar using GTALK. And people from Myanmar can also call overseas for FREE using GTALK!

We will both get FREE credit once you register on their website during this promotion period.

So please register so that we can both get free calls.

Go to and register before it’s too late.

You can also get more FREE calls by inviting all your friends. Just go to
where you can invite all your friends from your email address book easily.


Apprenticeship said...

Chyeju baba sai. :)

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