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14 Mar 2009

PostHeaderIcon Ga gale Len

Laiwa sai ten hta mung version langai hpe mara da ya ga sai rai tim n dai versiona hpe bai lang mayu ai ni matu English Dictionary hpe hkum hkum zup zup rai lang mayu ai myit su ni matu ahkyu rawng na re :) Install di da na madu n chye ai words ni hpe  Slect ( mahkret) mouse (wheel) len hte dip dat jang  lachyum (meaning) hpe  ram daw loi ai hku  sang lang dan ai hpe mu lu ai :) Optional tools hte gara hku lang na hpe Mung Help kaw ahtsai ahwai sa mai hti ai lam shana dat ai :) :) enjoy :) Yaw....
Babylon 7 is the world's leading dictionary and language translation software.
Babylon offers you the most intuitive tool for all your translation needs.
With Babylon you can quickly translate emails, web pages, documents, instant messages, and more. All you have to do is click on the word or text that you
want to translate and a small window instantly appears with the desired results from Babylon's extensive database of language dictionaries, glossaries
and conversion tools.
Babylon 7 -
an easy and intuitive translation and dictionary software in over 75 languages. With Babylon 7, text translation has never been easier,
no more "copy/paste" or unnecessary browser windows. Just click on any text in Word, Excel, emails, instant messaging, web pages and other desktop
applications. All you need is a single click away

Babylon 7 features

* Single Click activation
* Text translation - in 17 languages
* Results from the world's leading publishers
* Encyclopedias including Wikipedia content
* Translations in more than 75 languages
* Unit Conversions - Convert currencies, measurements and time
* Writing Tools for English
* Spelling Alternatives
* Technical Requirement

Download Hpe n dai kaw Jawm garawt la ga


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