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26 Jun 2009

PostHeaderIcon ( PKC) Parts Of Memorable Days In My Life

Today i m going to talk about some pices of my past also u can say how i met computer and english :)
past 10years ago i have never seen what is computer ? How to talk basic english, i wil tell short story about that, The place where i have got new idea, and knowledges is Maijayang, Also Know as (PKC) Computer & English school (especially For Kachin students)

That was 2001 early time to 2003 i guess, my memory is quiet bad, as soos as i passed my exam,BEHS( Basic Education Hight School) In burma, that was final distination to reach to college, that mean without passing that exam no one can join to college. ( quiet hard ? ) :)

Ya let say i m already there, otherwise i have to get my memory back and write about long story so i wouldn't  let you boring my post, :)

I just want to say what i knew about over that school, Before i was there :)

1 > Ideas For Computer & English Basic
2 > Also Our Own language ( Kachin) ooz i have never had chance to learn my own language
3 > Learn A bout Kachin History,culture,society,work,Idea,
4 > Felloship All Kachin Youth students around the country

After all i have learned, it's much more that i thought...that much i can say for that moment..

So let's see how i was there, actually i have no old photo so i ask afriend of mine, (zone yaw) to send me pic of school so i could show guys, let see how school  look like..

                                                                                long shoot welcome to school..

                                                                            The Head Master From 2003...
                                                                             Shara Kaba Gum Wa Li  :) :)

That's pretty cool we use to play soccer :) we called that Red Playground, look like Emirates Stadium
:) :) U don't thinks right, Ya that is Our Emirates Because No sponsor :) :)
That is Branch New Guys domatry, As soon as this building finish, i have to say good bye , Pitty ? :)
Oudside view  :)
This is lady's domatry same as before :)
Sometime they use as kitchen as well :)
 The whole School inmage from front :) we use to sing our nation sound before class :)
Look like office change alot :) don't remember anymore :P
Ya Ya Computer Room, The place Typing Turtor introduct to me :) and i have seen what computer look like for the first time, :) :) then i have knew that computer is just machine :) :)
I miss you guys :P :) Thanks , u make me fall-in-love with the day i  met u, now i m studying about ICT, i m more interesting about hardware, and computer networking,
After Cleaning My class have to look like that :P :)  nothing change yet :)
How can i forget :) every week have to make fire wood for school :P
that make students getting not lazy :) and also cost nothing for fitness :)
We call that Media Class Room :P :) After work  we can go buy personal stuff of enjoy here watching movies and taking rest ect....
"Every one" This is Dinner Room :) look like no change :)
I have been here as chief, u know what i mean, Cook :P :)
look dirty but it old that why :) :)
Nice to talk back about my memory if i remember more i wil write later :)
For today is...You guy wil be so boring :P :)
Thanks To ( ZONE YAW) sending me photo..:):)


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