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5 Oct 2009

PostHeaderIcon Asylum seeker or refugee

Chye mayu ai ni matu rai na re, kalang lang tsun dan rang hkat chye ai lam ni hpe  inmmigration ni lachyum shapraw da ai hpe bai hti yu ga,

Asylum seeker or refugee?

These are two terms that are often used to mean the same thing. There are some important differences, however.

Asylum seeker

•Asylum seekers have left their countries for all sort of reasons. The procedure to establish if they meet the asylum requirements has not yet been completed.

•The most familiar grounds for being granted asylum (albeit not the most common) is the official refugee status. In addition, an asylum seeker will be granted asylum if he:

•is under threat of being subjected to inhuman treatment in his own country (e.g. torture)

has suffered traumatic experiences which prevent his return to his country since the situation is too dangerous to repatriate people.


A refugee is somebody who has left his home country for ‘sound reasons’, fearing persecution in his home country because of his:




•political conviction

•belonging to a certain social group

Refugee Treaty

In 1951 the United Nations signed the Geneva Convention on Refugees. The convention lays down the conditions for the official refugee status. The convention was signed by more than one hundred countries, including the Netherlands.

Source  From : Hier


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