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9 Nov 2009

PostHeaderIcon 3D commander Hte Sha kya la ga

Chye shakya ai ni matu gaw window kaw lawm ai Paint hte sha byi Graphic Designer ni soi ai sumla hku mai soi ai hpe mu lu na re ya lang loi bai intro di ya na gaw 3D commander re simple hte madu logo,3d galaw la ai shaloi ahloi ahli hte bungli li mai shangut la ai re, Idea hta hkang na grau htap htut ai hku mai jahtuk la na re, Graphic hte design myit lawm ai ni  matu gaw ahlu sha garawt la na lang yu ga....

Gara hku lang na nga yang gaw Kegen Maker mung lawm ai (fullversion) na matu re... Download folder kaw na setup hpe lang yang lang ..shing n rai ...Home page kaw na Trail hpe download garawt la n htawm Register galaw la na lang sha re.. n chye na ai ni matu... hpe download galaw dat ga...
2.. ngut jang setup hpe run na install di dat ga..
3.. Kegen hpe bai run dat na..Name kaw..madu mying ka dat na...Generate dip dat jang ..madu mying hte code pru wa na re dai hpe  copy di la...
4... 3 D commander hpe hpaw da na.. Help..kaw sa na registation kaw paste di dat jang register byi ai fullversion hpe lu lang na hku re..

■Capture your reader's attention with an animated 3D banner.

■Take advantage of the complimentary texture library.

■Shape up your text to meet your taste: enter text of any size in one, two or more lines, and center or align it by the left or the right margin, choose the font, size and style.

■Enjoy simplicity and confidence: all operations are performed within one screen, and the wizard with pre-made templates and stuffed textures library will not let you slip off the way and get lost in the depths of the application.

■Preview your final 3D text in the real-time preview window; turn it any way around by just dragging it with the mouse.

■Decorate your 3D text with realistic 3D shadow and reflection - by moving the light and playing with its intensity.

■Take your final high-resolution anti-aliased 3D-text banner of up to 4000 by 4000 pixels straight to the publisher; skip a countless number of conversion operations, and save it to the format you need directly.

Home Page :

Download :


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