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10 Jan 2010

PostHeaderIcon Shim Lam Sadi Ga

 Iphone lu ai ni makau kaw nau hkum gahtep mu yaw hkrup sha na lu :) :) software hte re majaw n ten na re ngu hkum shadu mu lu :) anyhow ngai gaw iphone n lu shi na manang ni tsung ai comment hpe she bai la hti na sai :D yawng n pu na bai matut hti ga i ?Iphone kaw na scanner re :)


Just found iPhone app which can make you see others Nude/Bare Photos while they are dressed up and standing before you.The app names is ‘Nude It‘.This sounded as a joke to me but it’s true and it does what is says it does.The app can be made available for 0.99$ This works on the latest iphone firmware 3.1.2.This is a funny app which lets you peek your friends and get naughty.I don’t know how this app works but i am surpised on what logic it’s been done.

How to make it work is you would need to simply hold your iPhone at a friend nearer to you say may be around 2m distance,and using Nude It app’s scanning technology, you will see him or her totally nude.Care must be taken to see that friend’s or victim face is completely visible.Do give it a try and let me know what you feel about this app.

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