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1 Feb 2010

PostHeaderIcon Portable Nero

 Nat mayu ai nat la na matu Portable Nero,

Nero Burning Rom is an easy to learn, but powerful program for recording CD, DVD, and now Blu ray and HD DVD discs. In this program, intuitive user interface. Features such that it can burn a CD of all currently existing standards, including audio and video CD. As a source of information for recording discs can act as files on your computer, and other CDs. Version Micro is a compact assembly (from the full version removed all unneeded modules, left only to record disks)[/center]
Burn audio files or data to CD, DVD, Blu ray Disc, or HD DVD. Want to burn movies to DVD? With DVD R Dual Layer and DVD R Double Layer support, you ll get more data on a disc than ever before! Portable Nero BR was set to maintain your installed Nero s settings, if any. However, you have to be careful in that condition. Rip audio CDs and non copy protected DVDs quickly and easily with the world s leading burning engine. Burn your data onto CD and DVD quickly and conveniently. Create backups easily and automatically. Archive your data reliably and securely. Design individual CD and DVD labels professionally and creatively.

Bai Tam Mara dat ya sai yaw...



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