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7 Aug 2008

PostHeaderIcon Xp hte Seng Na loi Hka ja mayu ai ni Matu

Features of Windows XP : This articles consist of all the windows xp features list. A good reference for learning the features easily.The features of Service Pack 2 can be found here

Windows XP SP2 Features

Installation of Windows XP : A article from microsoft which explains the complete procedure of installating Windows XP from beginning. This is very usefull article for beginners. Illustrations are made with pictures and description.

Upgrading Windows XP : If you have a older operating system installed on your system, you can upgrade the operating system without losing you programs and data. This article provide the details of upgrading to windows xp.

Windows XP SP2 Basics : This is the article for beginners of Windows XP. This article explains all the basics of using xp. A collection of various topics like games, audio, security, networking and control panel are discussed in this article.

Windows Recovery Console : Windows Recovery Console is the tool we can use to recovery the system from a problem. Such as NTLDR missing error, NTDETECT.COM error, booting problems and device driver problems.All this problems can be solved using Recovey Console. This article will explain all the features and explanation about recovery console.

How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP : This article describes how to install the Recovery Console to your hard disk. If you install this tool to your local hard disk, Windows Recovery Console is added as a choice on the Windows Boot Menu. This is a better option for Windows System Administrators.

Blue Screen of Death : The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD, bluescreen, or stop error) is an error screen displayed by certain operating systems, most notably Microsoft Windows, after encountering a critical system error. Bluescreens can be caused by poorly written device drivers, faulty memory, a corrupt Registry, or incompatible DLLs.

Windows Registry Description : This is the tool which stores all the details about windows. If we want to change any settings in system we can change the settings in the registry(regedit.exe) and that will take effect in the system.If yo wnt to learn the advanced features of windows registry can can learn HERE .

Windows XP Production Documentation : This link provides the complete documentation about the Windows XP. You can learn about all the tools and features of window xp. This is very useful information for system administrators.

Windows Command Line Reference : This article provides all the information about the commands available in windows xp. A good reference to learn all the commands. This can be very useful for performing operations in command line using scripting.


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