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25 Nov 2008

PostHeaderIcon Mcfee Ah Ra Rawng ai lam Ni

Ngai lang taw ai Mcfee Siteadvisor ahlam hpe loi mu tam hti na bai garan dat sai hku re, Shi ahtsam hta ra rawng ai lam galoi mung nga ai hpe n dai lam ni hte sak se madun taw nga ai, n dai lawu na ni gaw manang ni law law hpe mang hkang jaw taw ai treat virus ni rai nga ai,

The McAfee SiteAdvisor folks have a tough job. There are a lot of domains out there and they have to assemble a reputation system based on reports without too many false positives. It's hard to do and they don't always do it well. Take the current wave of rogue anti-malware products,
I checked several domains known to be pushing XP Antivirus 2008 and other recent threats. Not a single one was marked as bad. All of them were listed as having no reports and SiteAdvisor issued no opinion on them.

N Dai Ni Virus Ni Re  :)
Dai Zawng re ni pru wa na install nga mu jang hkum sa di dat mu hkrup sha mat na :)
And then there's the report on, which says "We tested this site and didn't find any significant problems." As the user comments to the report make clear this site distributes "Vista Antivirus 2008", a nasty rogue.
Like I said, the SiteAdvisor folks have a hard job, but they aren't looking good in this part of the malware universe.


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