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12 Jun 2009

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 What i see and think about BSF and SPDC ....Bla Bla Bla....

I m not political Man, But Everyone own political Blood inside, Forexamble, If some one wil kill your parents or family?, " what do u want then? " for sure u r going to kill him too..(100%)

I m not Bussiness Man , But  Every one have to do business for living, But if someone use power to destroy your business?, "What do u want then?" For sure u r not going to watch let him do until u have nothing to eat.

I m not writer, But i has learned  a word in school,so i could write abit, if some one wil write about u badly? what next? wouldn't you find him and tell him Thank u?i don't think so..

So what i m going to show is what happen in our kachin society in somepart..why i say some part, only a few kachin people can talk( like they have mouth) becasue our mouths is not ours,if u r in Golden land...(MM)

Just want so copy and paste some of my blog visiter may not  seen and read


Here we are : How We are going :
Your comment wil be aslo here next time


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