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8 Jun 2009

PostHeaderIcon Let Clean A Gain :)

Let clean again..i know ur computer is slow again :) i told u :) :)

Here we go again, time to clean our computer internet brower,cookie,history or whatever this software will serve ur computer the rest of ur trash :) don't believe me ? but truth this one, u wouldn't need to tell your little kind  clean up daddy computer anymore :)
How this work, simple and easy , i upload notepad file there u can file download links and instruction (inkachin)  if u r really Computer Guru! u wouldn't need to know how to use ? ya but i still need to say the people who don't know yet so, Make my words little long :) :)
Let say u have better cleaner and also this is not your favorite but why don't you give try experience wil never make you boring :) shut up ! :) :) i wil stop here :D
Here Download link


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