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7 Jun 2009

PostHeaderIcon Let talk about movies :)

 Please!!! My English Is Pretty Bad So u should understand :) :) :)

Hey Everyone.. want to talk about something else not software :) no problem i m interesting too :)I use to spend my leisure time with this kind of free nopaying site :)
As u know all..There are alot of Tv seris, and also different kind story..Among them i would like to say the one i admire is " Prison Break"  hope u all loving too.

Also there have alot of free surffing channel today,streaming are even popurlar either. U know Knowledge should be sharing free. :) that i always thinking about ..U may think what the hell this guy want to say..My answers is Just want to say..i know some website.. :) sory to annoy u :)

The place where i use to watch some online free channel and movies and also Tvshow... Tvshow or Movies or whatever u like to.. There u can watch Prison Break Season 1 To Season 4...And FinaBreak...:)

Oh forget to tell thing..That also pretty nice site..u won't be boring..i mean if u r really movies eater :) the place where i use to watch some there have 4 or 5 links like Megaupload,Dixv 2,Toudo,Veoh,Googlevideo, i m sure u wouldn't be feel bad..

There u can watch mostly movies..If u r prefer to watch Asian movies..then i have some before was just signup and watch now there ask some refer from friend..but i m not sure u can have from someone else..
But anyhow i would like to share..ther u can watch lot of Dramma,Action,Movies..and the people who are adict to Koera movies.. :)  look like this one...

What u need is The best player..I mean (VLC) the best ever i have everbeen use before.. this amazing player is not only for web also stream TV channel u can watch..ok let say u may have that i guess u can donwload..

So enjoy lady and Gentelmen
Hope u wil share too if u know pretty cool website to watch movie free. i please u ..share ur knowledge here..


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