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2 Apr 2010

PostHeaderIcon Photo tools langai me

Wondershare Photo Software

N dai kalang mi bai tsung dan mayu ai lam gaw photoshop zawng re hpe n chye lang tim Advent level hte bung ai design ni hpe mai soi ai software langai mi lam re, Photo tools langai rai nga ai le, madu sumla ni hpe shatsawm na background,web,email photo books, zawng re ni hpe madu idea nga ai ram mai galaw ai software langai re.

Ngai chyam yu yang gaw grai loi ai easy tool funtion ni grai lawm ai n chye langa ai ni n nga na ram rai na re kam ai sumla ni hpe shatsawm chyai na matu lawan she download galaw la ga :)

Homepage gaw :  N DAI KAW

Features Highlight:
* Template, Layout and Custom Design:
1. Includes various pre-designed templates and layouts, letting you only drag and drop photos to the editing area easily..
2. Assemble and overlap photos in almost any position and direction
3. Offer a wide variety of pre–made scrapbook page templates and a huge selection of fonts, frames and clipart to embellish any scrapbook projects.

* Edit and Decoration:
1. Arrange your favorite photos with frame and special mask effects applied.
2. Add Cliparts and WordArts anywhere on the collage.
3. Decorate your photos by adjusting shadow, filter, crop, flip and rotation, and etc.

* Save, Print and Email:
1. Supports all common file formats to share finished collage projects in any popular.
2. Personalize your Desktop with wallpaper made from your collage.
3. E-mail the designed collages to your friends directly from within the program.
4. Print your scrapbook at virtually any size in high quality.





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